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Tri-Mix Diving We offer Tri-Mix diver and instructor training in Koh Tao, Thailand. Our tri-mix training will allow you to dive many of the wrecks and caves that are out of reach of air/nitrox divers such as the Tottori Maru wreck and Sra Keaow cave (the deepest cave in the world). Essential for deeper dives in overhead environments, courses can be completed on our wreck and cave exploration trips. We offer some of the best priced tri-mix diver courses in the world.
CCR Diving CCR Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand- We offer training on the Megalodon, Inspiration, Evolution and Kiss Closed Circuit Rebreathers CCR's in the warm tropical water of Koh Tao. All TDI levels are available on these units and courses can be completed on our Technical diving live-aboards.
Cave Diving Cave Diving in Thailand - Thailand is covered in cave systems, many of which are yet unexplored. Come and learn to dive in some of these beautiful landscapes, from Khao Sok National Park to Song Hong and Sra Keaow caves. We offer Cavern, Intro to Cave and Full Cave courses in southern Thailand. We also run monthly cave exploration trips, exploring and mapping new caves and searching for undiscovered sink holes.
Wreck Diving Wreck Diving in Thailand - The Gulf of Thailand is literally covered in Wrecks from WWII and its busy shipping history. Wrecks include Super tankers, Air planes, Japanese WWII Maru's, Thai navy ships and US submarines, all in blue tropical waters. We run monthly technical live-aboards from Koh Tao, diving WWII Japanese Maru's and searching for new undiscovered wrecks.
Technical Diving Technical Diving in Thailand- DSAT, BSAC and TDI courses running all year on the island of Koh Tao, situtated in the Gulf of Thailand. Learn to use the basic DIR technical rig, and Nitrox mixes for decompression and accelerated decompression.

Tech Cave Wreck Diving Thailand

Welcome To Davy Jones' Locker Tech

DJL Tech located in the heart of Sairee Beach on Koh Tao at Davy Jones' Locker conisists of a dedicated technical diving team set to exploring and mapping Thailand's wrecks and caves. Every month we carry out several cave and tech wreck exploration trips. We head to the cave systems in southern Thailand to carry out cave courses, training and exploration there. We search for virgin WWII wrecks in the gulf of Thailand and beyond, hunting for new wrecks and WWII Japanese "Maru" ships sunk by the Allies, and visit some of our favorite wrecks.  We also offer technical diver training so that you can explore some of these fascinating underwater sites few have every seen.

Our tec and cave instructional facilities are second to none and our dedicated Technical and Cave Dive Instructors offer some of the most demanding and challenging technical diving courses available. Our DSAT, TDI, GUE and BSAC Technical, trimix, cavern, wreck and cave diving courses are hugely rewarding. We strive to make every student stand out as a highly knowledgeable and skilled technical diver and we believe in exceeding course standards.

NEW FOR 2012: Wreck Hunting Expeditions in the Gulf of Thailand

Dates are vailable from April 2012 aboard the MV Giamani, a fully kitted out technical live-aboard. April trip will depart from Tioman Island in Malaysia visiting the HMS Repulse, HMS Prince of Wales, USS Lagarto, Tottori maru and many more. We will also be searching for some new marks such as the Akita Maru.


The MV Giamani:  Technical Wreck Diving Live-Aboard based on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.


Our technical dive center is based on the island of Koh Tao, in the gulf of Thailand. We offer some of the best value, tech diver training available from nitrox diving to full cave and instructor courses. We offer DSAT, GUE, PADI, IANTD, TDI and BSAC courses. DSAT tec courses include Nitrox, Tec 40, TEC 45, TEC 50, Tec Deep, Tri Mix, Tri Mix 65, Cavern, Gas Blender, Oxygen Adminstration, Equipment servicing and all PADI recreational levels.

We offer the full range of TDI tec diving courses including, decompression procedures, advanced nitrox, extended range, Tri mix, advanced tri mix, cavern, intro to cave, full cave, CCR rebreather and side-mount diving.

BSAC dive courses include Decompression procedures, Advanced nitrox, Extended Range, Sports Mixed Gas, Tri-mix, Explorer Mix Gas, Advanced Mix Gas, compressor operator, CCR rebreather and gas blender courses.

We can also offer GUE fundamental courses on request, some of the best training available that can be carried out here in Koh Tao.

Our website is new and changing regularly so check back for the latest tec diving updates.


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