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CCR Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving - AP Valves Budd Inspiration and Evolution

DJL Tech offers all levels of training for the Inspiration, Evolution and Megalodon CCR. We have the full range of TDI, BSAC, IANTD and PADI CCR courses available.

Inspiration/Evolution CCR

Ambient Pressure closed circuit rebreather – the award-winning and best-selling INSPIRATION CCR is the most popular CCR on teh market and popular with Britich CCR Wreck divers.

The Inspiration is rated to 100 metres and comes standard in a yellow box with 3 litre tanks, the unit is light weight and parts are easy to come by across the world making it such a popular option. Great choice forvideographers or deep trimix divers, these units are affordable and savings on helium quickly add up. We can train you up to full Hypoxic trimix essentail for long wreck expeditions.

The Evolution CCR is slightly smaller unit by with the reliability of the Inspiration, making it great fro travelling tech divers with slighly smaller tanks and scrubber unit.

The Inspiration and Evolution CCR are safe reliable and great to dive. The new VISION electronics with temp stick comes with fully integrated Trimix decompression software, CO2 temperature monitor, and Heads Up Display.
Benefits of the inspiration :

* Well established and Tested in the field.
* Suitable for both recreational and Technical diving.
* Over the shoulder counter lungs.
* State of the art electronics package.
* Integrated bailout.
* Great manufacture support
* Ease of maintenance and repair all of the world.
* Most popular unit in the world


At DJL Tech we offer PADI, IANTD and TDI Inpisration/Evolution courses. Course price includes unit rental, sorb, gas, materials, certification, boat fees, accomodation and breakfast. All courses take 5 to 7 days. Helium is charged at just 1.5 baht a litre.

IANTD CCR DIVER, PADI CCR 40, Module 1/2 TDI CCR courses Inspiration/Megladon/Evolution 40,000 Baht

IANTD CCR Normoxic Trimix Diver, PADI CCR 65 Diver, TDI Normoxic CCR diver 40,000

IANTD CCR Trimix diver, PADI CCR 100 Diver, TDI CCR Trimix Diver 40,000



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